SPECIAL EDITION – Prickle Forrest Chronicles by Chrissy Hartmann – Indie Romance Author Interview – Jennifer Skinnell – November 29, 2022



Indie Romance and Mystery Author, Jennifer Skinnell

Welcome to the Prickle Forrest Chronicles, Jennifer Skinnell!

It’s wonderful you could take the time to share with the Pricklers a bit about you and your writing.

First, where are you from? How long have you been writing? What book is this for you? First? Second? Or too many it’s hard to remember?

I’m originally from Ohio, but spent 34+ years in Northern Virginia before selling everything and traveling full-time with my husband in our RV. I began my writing career in 2016 and to date I have six books published—my 5-book Hope Springs Romance Series and the first book in my Palm Shores RV Resort Mystery Series.

What type of romance do you write? What romances do you love to read?

I write sweet romantic comedies about love and life in a small town. I like to find other independent authors like myself. Kind of like “shopping small”.

Do you have a favorite romance author that inspires you?

As far as inspiration goes, Debbie Macomber is one of my favorites. I know she’s not an independent author, but after reading one of her novels, I feel inspired to keep writing.

In brief, tell us about your book, One Sweet Development.

Book cover for Jennifer Sskinnell’s novel One Sweet Development

One Sweet Development is the first of 5 books in my Hope Springs Romance Series. It is the one that started it all, as they say.

Hope Springs, Virginia, is home to the Advice Quilting Bee and is full of strong, independent women. In One Sweet Development, Chandler Bradford, the town baker and historian, is trying to save the town from real estate developer, Peter Frederick. Rosie Macintire, the town matriarch, is Peter’s grandmother. Along with the Little Old Lady Network and a few spirits, Rosie shows Peter there is more to life than money and that Chandler is all he needs to make him happy.

When you received your first copy of your newly published book, One Sweet Development how did you feel? Did you flood social media with a book selfie? Celebrate with Champagne? Chocolate? Or pass out?

I remember standing in my kitchen when the Amazon package arrived. I was literally shaking as I opened the box and I cried. Of course, once I pulled it together, I spread the word on Facebook that my book was up and ready to buy.

When you’re stuck with a scene, how do you resolve the trouble? Take a shower? Call your writing pals? Reenact the scene with your significant other?

Sometimes I’ll go for a bike ride with my husband and the answer will come to me. I’ve been known to pull off to the side of the trail and type my thoughts in my notes app so I don’t forget everything!

Besides your computer, what can be found on your writing desk? Pictures of a hunky guy? Gorgeous woman? Coffee? Popcorn? Craft books? Empty wine glass? Chocolate? The latest issue of Vogue? The Writer’s Magazine? Or maybe a fluffy fur ball? In other words, what helps you write?

Since I live in an RV, my desk is our kitchen table. Usually just a cup of coffee, my iPad and my computer. Sometimes I pull out a steno pad and head to the picnic table if the weather is nice and we have a great view.

What type of character populates the majority of your pages?

I love writing about strong, independent women. They have great careers or run their own business, so having a man isn’t a necessity. For the man, he must be kind, loving, and respectful to the woman he’s interested in.

What’s your favorite trope to read and write?

Definitely a small-town romance with a twist. I like throwing a few spirits in my books to help move the relationship along.

After you’ve written your novel, ever get stunned by the fact that you wrote it?

Not necessarily the entire novel, but definitely parts of it. My aunt was a big inspiration for me in beginning my writing career, and unfortunately, she did not live to read any of my books. She died tragically two weeks after I told her I was beginning my first novel. I do feel, however, that she is with me at times. I’ll go back and read something I’d written the day before and not even remember writing that chapter or scene!

If you write the hotter romances, when’s the best time for you to write those scenes? Does the writing come natural or do you make yourself blush? Have your parents stopped answering your calls? Buy you a gold-plated keyboard? Or have they signed you up for sex counseling classes?

Since my novels are of the clean and wholesome variety, this isn’t something I have to deal with.

So, say you want to do a box set with two other romance authors, who would you choose? What romance trope would you write?

That is a great question. I don’t have names, but being and independent author (without a publishing company backing me), I’d have to say I’d pick two other authors who don’t have one either. It would be in the sweet small-town romance genre, though.

If you had the opportunity to promote one of your books from your backlist, which would you choose? Why?

Jennifer Skinnell’s book cover for her debut mystery series

Aside from writing my Hope Springs Romance Series, I have also published Death by Golf Cart, the first in my Palm Shores RV Resort Mystery Series. It’s a definite departure from writing a romance series, but it is a cozy mystery with a romantic thread.

If someone were to make a movie based on your book, which actors would play the leading roles?

I’ve always pictured my books in my head as movies from that certain greeting card channel. There are so many good actors on that channel, that it would depend on who fit the character description in each book.

Do you have any blog tours, signings, or other upcoming events that you would like to promote?

Since I live and travel full-time, those things are not an option for me. All my promoting is strictly through social media.

Finally, we know you’re a romantic, right? So what is the most romantic thing you’ve ever had your MCs do to win the love of their life?

As much as I’d like to answer this, in my novels this is always part of the plot. You’ll just have to read my books to find out!

Where can we find your book…

My books are available on Amazon in eBook, Kindle Unlimited, and Paperback. Visit my Amazon Author Page for all the details.

Where do you socialize……

Facebook: Jennifer Skinnell, Author

Instagram: Jennifer Skinnell, Author

Pinterest: @jenniferskinnel

Website: Jennifer Skinnell, Author

Amazon Author Page: Jennifer Skinnell

Big –big thanks to Jennifer Skinnell for taking the time to travel into the Prickle Forrest and share a bit about your writing and One Sweet Development. And much thanks to our readers who make it all possible.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Please don’t hesitate to comment, but better yet, check out Jennifer Skinnell’s newest release at jenniferskinnell.com


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